Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Things We Keep

Some things hold us in their allure.

How many mismatched spoons do you have in your silverware drawer? Don't Lie.

 What is it about some possessions that make them special to us and no one else? I keep too much.  I know it. My family knows it. And my daughter does it, too. So did my mom. No, we are not 'hoarders' not that much stuff! But too much- enough that some of our closets really need to be emptied out to be useful again. Do not mention the garage. Please.

My friend Pru  of Creatively Paleo and creator of the delicious Ayni Chocolates recently did a 40 bags in 40 days challenge. So a bag a day to be thrown out or donated to charity. One bag. It sounds impossible to me. But I am going to do it.

Notes from Pru:
  'Accountability really helps - so although it may be boring, IG or tweet the proof every day! Even if it's 11.55 grab a small bag and just fill it - that can be the best time to get motivated and be ruthless. Just keep at it, even if you're just chucking out a tiny bag of junk mail, it's making a difference even if you can't see where yet. 
Make sure to get it out of the house as soon as you can - especially if it's charity shop stuff that you (or children/spouse) might be tempted to reclaim.' Thanks Pru!

If you want to join me, just post your bag a day dreams here in comments.

How will you know what to get rid of? I struggle with that, obviously.

Some reasons things go in the bag:

1. You have not touched or used an item in over one year.
2. It's broken ( come on, you know super glue is not gonna do it here).
3. It does not fit. Do not do the 'I will fit into this soon' dance. Just don't.
4. You have someone in mind that would really get good use out of it.
5.  It belongs to someone else and you thought you would keep it for them when they have kids. OK I DO THIS ALL THE TIME< IT'S ME>

Here is the original challenge information from the White House Black Shutters Blog and there is a print out there for those who need more direction.

 Please share how you were successful or a dreadful failure at crap clearing in your home or car or yard or wherever things live with you.
Love to you all and good bagging
Deb xo
PS To prevent future occurrences, I rarely go to garage sales, thrift stores, only buy what I need and keep things pretty simple. Not acquiring as many things in the first place is really the best way to avoid clutter happening.  


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