Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Heart of the Matter

Crazy Heart!

 I have been told I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Not sure how old that saying is but basically it means I am easy to read. I show my feelings quickly and I am pretty transparent. When I am passionate about something I tend to get super excited and think that just maybe every single person I know will want to know about it too. So to some I am probably super annoying. In fact, a few people have shared that with me over the years, that perhaps I can take it down a notch, settle down, be less loud and just not share so much.
Or not....

Lately I have really felt a pull towards pulling a bit of a curtain over my heart at times and just keeping my feelings to myself.  Thinking more before I say things out loud. Tempering my vitriol or excitement. Curbing My Enthusiasm.
 Truth is not everyone is so interested in what you are thrilled or upset about. And sometimes, it is better to keep it to yourself or to share with a friendly audience. In other words, to hang on to your heart but not show it all around to everyone.
Some people love burritos. Some do not. Know who you are speaking with before you speak.
Dogs on the other hand, they listen no matter what. Perhaps that is how they got that title, man's best friend.
Not everyone can handle an 11 on the emotional scale. Not everyone needs to. I guess that is the heart of the matter, know when to show it and know when to hold it.
So I am trying and it's hard for me. To not yell at the crazy driver who cut me off. To not talk too loud in public about private matters. To just feel things  and yet not share when it's not a good time to do so.

I trust you will tell me how I'm doing :-)

Ciao Bella
Deb xo

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Slow Down Life

Aloha from Honolulu!

We are here for our annual visit to see family on the island of Oahu.  When we arrive here, life seems to slow down and get more laid back right away.

The hectic pace of LA life with work, home , school and all of that fades away.  In it's place are the trade winds, humid air and sudden showers, turquoise waves, white sand and fluffy clouds.

We eat too much, we sleep a lot , we lie on the sand and walk in the waves.

It's a seductive siren call. I always ponder what living this way full time would be like. I don't like the crowded big city of Honolulu, but this year we are staying in Kailua, a bit outside the big city.  We love it here. They even have Whole Foods and Target, what's not to like? 

Have you ever taken a vacation and had a fantasy of not coming home?
I love where we live. I am a Cali Girl born and raised. I don't really think island life is for me. 
But.... the thought crosses my mind every time we come here.
May your week be filled with the sweet smell of flowers and the taste of wonderful fresh fruit. Get outside, take a walk, vacation in your own town. Who knows, you may decide to stay. 
With Aloha From Hawaii
Deb xo